Electrical installation on construction sites

In addition to our commercial activity, an important pillar of our company’s operation is participation in the construction of small and large buildings. Professionally prepared project management is an essential condition for a successful construction process. We are quick to help our customers in the smooth supply of materials, our supplier relationships guarantee that we can satisfy any customer’s needs quickly and accurately. When choosing our subcontractors, the primary consideration is reliability and professional knowledge. Accurate financial accounting contributes to this, which serves to the satisfaction of all actors.

Technical preparation of material requirements for construction projects

The offers of our technical preparation colleagues, carefully and precisely developed based on the incoming quotation requests, facilitate the smooth completion of the given project, thus ultimately contributing to the satisfaction of the owner of the property.

Trade in electrical installation materials

Acquisition and delivery with a fast deadline of cables, wires, installation aids, fittings, busbars, protective pipes, lamps, light sources, lightning protection installation materials. As well as cable trays, support structures, clamps and auxiliary materials required for fastening, under-floor systems, floor boxes and fittings manufactured by PUK-Werke.

Possibility of rental storage

We are currently still in the construction phase, but our new warehouse in Bag will open it’s doors in 2024, where it will also be possible to rent storage space.